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CANNONBALL is ITV's wacky new show which challenges contestants to take on a course of various water-based hazards


An American late night Internet-based panel game show hosted by Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central

Don't Ask Me Ask Britain

A British television comedy panel game show that has aired on ITV and produced by Chalkboard TV

The Wall

"The Wall" is a wildly unpredictable, fast and simple game show with more than $12 million on the line every night.

Deal or No Deal

Based on an original Dutch format, the show features a single contestant trying to beat the Banker as they open 22 identical sealed red boxes assigned to potential contestants in an order of their choosing.The boxes contain randomly assigned sums of money inside ranging from 1p to £250,000.

Hollywood Game Night

Each week two people leave their ordinary lives behind as they and a group of popular celebrities gather together to play a series of outrageous and hilarious party games that include quizzes featuring celebrity and popular culture.


Combining high drama and high stakes with high comedy in a fun-filled, trivia-charged, slime-soaked entertainment blast, BOOM! is a general knowledge quiz show that challenges teams of three players to defuse a series of ticking slime-bombs, by dramatically cutting the wires relating to the correct answers and leaving the wrong answers untouched. Get it right – and the players win big m

Celebrity Name Game

Celebrity guests team up with a group of contestants and together they work against the clock to identify a variety of famous names

Million Pound Drop

A BAFTA-winning game show which broadcast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom

Catch Phrase

Now in its third series in its re-energised format,Catchphrase is one of the best loved and longest running UK gameshows. First transmitted in 1986 with Roy Walker at the helm, Stephen Mulhern steers the good ship "Mr Chips" into Saturday evening family entertainment

The $100,000 Pyramid

Starling Productions. Two contestants, each with a celebrity partner, must guess words from their partners' clues; then the roles are reversed. Winners face the pyramid.

Let's Ask America

Produced for Telepictures Inc for MGM Television. Let's Ask America is an American interactive gameshow which debuted in September 2012. The program features 6 contestants who play from their homes via webcams, answering trivia questions relating to current events.

Still Standing

One player attempts to defeat 10 competitors in a series of trivia showdowns to win $1 million.

National Geographic Bee

National Geographic Bee.

Don't Ask Me Ask The Arab Nation

Live interactive gameshow which places the likes, dislikes and opinions of the viewers at the heart of the game.

Singing Bee

A karaoke-style show tests contestants' knowledge of lyrics to well-known songs

Worlds Funniest Fails

Former NFL player and actor Terry Crews hosts this unscripted, family-friendly comedy inspired by the wildly popular YouTube channel, FailArmy


Focusing on Nabati poetry, El Beit is a weekly TV show smartly driven via popular social networking site “Twitter”

Family Feud

Two families compete to name the most popular responses to survey questions in order to win cash and prizes

Best Time Ever

An American live television variety series adaptation of the British variety series Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway

500 Questions

An American game show broadcast on ABC, contestants try to answer 500 questions without getting three wrong in a row

World Of Dance

A panel of extraordinary dance superstars judge the performances of dancers of all ages and styles

Ejector Seat

Ejector Seat is a British game show, presented by former Children's BBC presenter Andi Peters

Questions pour un Champion

C'est le jeu télévisé qui observe une longévité sans précédent dans l'histoire de la télévision française, sans connaître de changement de présentateur.Il est adapté du jeu britannique Going For Gold et produit sous licence de la société Fremantlemedia France.4 candidats sont en lice et doivent, lors de 3 manches successives, répondre à des questions de culture generale.


1 vs. 100 is a game show created by Endemol that is aired in several countries. The game pits one person against 100 others

Million Dollar Password

Fremantlemedia France for France 2, Fremantlemedia Brazil for REDE TV. An adaptation of the 'Million-Dollar Password' format currently airs on France 2 where it is called 'Mot de Passe'

Million Dollar Money Drop.

Million Dollar Money Drop.

The Chase

A thrilling battle of brainpower as four contestants pit their wits against The Chaser

You Deserve It

You Deserve It, an American game show created for ABC

In Ze Boite

A French gameshow broadcasted on channel Gulli, presented by Joan Faggianelli

The Lie

A team of two must decide which of the statements given is the lie in order to progress and win money

Top Chef

Chefs battle it out to become the Top Chef, broadcast on M6 & RTL-TVI

Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?

Are you smarter than a 5th grader.

Win Your Wish List

A BBC National Lottery game show broadcast on BBC One

One Hundred And Eighty

One Hundred and Eighty is a British darts game show that aired on Sky 1


The Million Second Quiz

In a live, interactive competition, contestants battle one another in bouts of trivia around the clock for 12 days and nights. The reigning champions -- the four players who have remained in the game the longest -- live in an hourglass-shaped structure where they are able to play along with the game for up to two weeks as others try to unseat them during the prime-time show.

The Colour of Money

The Colour of Money is a British game show, broadcast on ITV

Take Me Out

Tigere Media Productions for SABC1. A worldwide phenomenon broadcast in 26 countries worldwide, Take Me Out pitches hopeful guys against a panel of demanding ladies for a chance to take them on a romantic date.


ITV Studios Global. International Formats Day - February 2015


A long-running game show where you have to provide the question to an answer

Red Or Black

Red Or Black was a gameshow produced for ITV

Take It Or Leave It

A British game show that aired on the digital channel Challenge

The Shortest Straw

Boxatricks for Nordic World. The first primetime game-show format from the exclusive partnership between Boxatricks and Nordic World.The Shortest Straw is backed by a cross-broder alliance of Israel's TV Format Fund, Norway's largest commercial broadcaster TV2 and one of the original "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" creators, David Briggs.

Les Amours

Sony Pictures Television France. Les Amours.