El Beit
Jan-Apr 2016

The first game show to have live augmented reality (AR) integrated into it's DNA

El Beit is the perfect mix of traditional and modern. At it's heart is the fact that classical Arabic poetry consists of two verses.

Several hours before transmission, one verse of a poem is published on Twitter and would-be participants are invited to compose a second stanza. During the show, these efforts are submitted in real-time via Twitter, where they are judged live on air.

The series finale sees the 12 winning verse-writers compete for the title of best poet.

Key Challenges

  • To import, moderate and judge live Tweets
  • To devise a way to present live Tweets on air with stunning graphics

How ionoco made it happen

  • Configured our social-media platform for multiple moderators
  • Supplied our live AR systems, integrated with Mo-sys star trackers
  • Created an app for the panel of judges
  • Provided fully redundant end-to-end servers


  • 20,000+ Average Tweets submitted per show
  • 3x Augmented reality cameras on set
  • 60,000+ registered users

Case Studies