Let's Ask America
United States

Interactive gameshow featuring 6 contestants playing live from home via webcams

Four contestants are linked to the studio via Skype video. Viewers at home are polled on a variety of topics, many concerning current events.

Over the course of four rounds, the contestants must second-guess how the American public answered the questions, each of which is worth more money than the last. At the end of each round, the contestant with the least money is eliminated. The last player standing gets to bet on a final question and the chance to earn even more cash.

Let's Ask America host Kevin Pereira
Let's Ask America host Kevin Pereira

Key Challenges

Our team faced a number of challenges working on this show, but nothing that couldn't be overcome.

  • To create a low-cost system to allow contestants to play the game live from home
  • To ensure that up to 20 contestants were available to be prepped live for the studio
  • To use Skype as the main platform for audio and video

How ionoco made it happen

  • We used the ionoGRAB ST system to capture and stream Skype calls to any location within the studio
  • Integrated our system into the studio talkback systems, to allow any producer to talk to any contestant
  • Created a master control system to manage the routing of all the video chats to virtual green rooms and the studio
  • Integrated the live video feed into our game-control system to create multiple feeds of contestants in quad 2 and 3 splits, plus a single iso of each contestant

Case Studies