Go Extreme!

Apr 1, 2018

ionoco has been helping to keep the wheels turning on Revolution

Sky's new extreme-sports contest in which teams of BMX bikers, in-liners and skateboarders take on each other in jaw-dropping stunts and challenges. The thrilled-packed war on wheels, produced by Znak & Co and Motion Content Group, is filmed in a purpose-built course at the 98,000 sq ft Cardington Studios and includes a vertigo-inducing skateboard platform high above the arena. In addition to providing scoring and timing solutions, ionoco was tasked with developing illuminated, pressure-sensitive targets for The Vortex event. These 500 mm sq targets, which were fitted into the curves of The Vortex bowl, had to be robust enough to cope with the impact of a 16 stone BMX biker dropping from a height of more than three meters, but sensitive enough to detect the gentle sweep of a skateboarder drifting across them horizontally. ionoco’s solution consisted of a combination of hydraulics, load sensors and machined polycarbonate.